Fox's Pizza Den is a locally, family owned and operated company.  
Fox's is ranked as one of the World's Top 20 pizza franchises!   
The franchise has been proudly serving the very best pizza
and specialty sandwiches all over the country since 1971.
Fox's Pizza Den has been proudly serving Ridgway since 1987.

Fox's Pizza Den is known for "Home of the Grand Daddy"
The Grand Daddy was born in June of 2001 at Fox's
Pizza, Ridgway, Pa.  Since then it has served as the
biggest party pizza east of the Mississippi and recently
it has been challenging two person teams to try and
devour it.  This pizza consists of 52+ slices and is
sacrificing itself up to participating contestants for the
good of Project Gifts for kids with half of the entry fee going to them.  
If the pizza disappears in an hour the two stuffed contestants will receive gift certificates and shirts from Fox's Pizza

We offer something for everyone with our pizzas ranging in 6 sizes from our signature 21-cut Big Daddy Pizza
down to our "Bambino" pizza.  We also carry delicious sandwiches like our 13" Oven-Toasted Subs and
World Famous Wedgies
.  Our menu does not stop there with tasty wings, fresh salads, and other appetizing

We guarantee to serve you only the Best Pizza and Here's Why...

Dough - Our dough is made from an old family recipe with High Protein Unbleached spring Wheat Flour.  NO
Preservatives Added!

- We are proud of the fact that our pizza sauce is made by old world standards. All of Fox's sauces are
made using family recipes handed down from the old country. Only the best and purest ingredients go into our
sauces including imported extra virgin olive oil and Pecorino Romano cheese. This means no fillers, no starches,
and no preservatives. The San Marzano style tomatoes harvested at peak ripeness, crushed and canned within
hours of harvest, assures us of our desired top quality.

Cheese - Our 100% REAL Cheese Blend comes from Wisconsin, in America's Dairyland with NO Preservats

Zero grams of trans fat?  Of Course!  Because we use only the best ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, our
cheese pizza also has the lowest saturated fat, lowest total fat, and lowest calorie content of any major pizza chain
and most independents.

We are a SERV-SAFE restaurant and prepare all of our food with the finest ingredients available so you, our
customer will always find the same consistency and great taste with each order.  This quality and our commitment
are your assurance of the best pizza and food available.  You will always find a warm welcome and good food at
Fox's Pizza Den.
144 North Broad St.     -    Ridgway   -      Pa     -   15853
www.ridgwayfoxspizza.com            -        ridgwayfoxs101@yahoo.com
Two of our Challengers
2 People, 1 Pizza, 1 Hour
Celebrate Your Birthday by giving your guests
FOOD that they will LOVE!!

Order from FOX's Pizza Den

We offer a variety of specials for any size party such as Pizza, Pizza and
Wings, or Pizza and Salads.And if that isn't enough, add breadsticks or any
one of our other tasty appetizers.  For those of you who like sweets, don't
forget about our delicious dessert pizzas!  Whether you celebrate at your
den or ours, give us a call and let us help YOU have an unforgettable day!